Make North Dakota Blue Again

Join North Dakotans for Measure 3

What will Measure 3 do for North Dakota?

Get Progressive Leaders Elected

Measure 3 will help get fiscally sensible leadership elected in North Dakota that will put an end to crony policies such as Farm Subsidies.

Measure 3 will allow for environmentally conscious leadership that will put a ban on Fracking, Methane pollution from Ranches, and pollution from vehicles that run on gas and diesel engines.

Measure 3 will allow for socially conscious leadership that will allocate funds from militant police departments towards infrastructure such as Free Counseling and Methadone Clinics.

Here are the numbers

North Dakota’s Corruption

$8.8 M

ND Farm Subsidies


Annual Abortion Funding


Total ND Farms


ND Methadone Clinics

What Measure 3 Leaders can do

This is just the start

  • Expand immigration to ND
  • End Crony Farm Subsidies
  • Ban Gas and Diesel Vehicles
  • Ban Fracking
  • Tax the 1% to Fund Drug Treatment
  • End Social Security
  • Establish a singular World Government